Build on the lot best suited for you.

We will build your new home on the location chosen by you.  It’s up to you: family farm, lot you have found in a country setting, on the lake, in a development, or some location we have found working together. 

Some options:

House on building lot

  Build on site that you currently own.       

 Trying to decide between various locations.

         Just exploring possibilities.

We can help guide you through the process.

Have Land?

Happy family jumping for joy on their new home site

 If you have land, we will help you evaluate the building site.  Every potential building site is different.  Our staff have years of experience in helping to pick the right home for the right site.  Over 700 plans are available from our standard designs(go to our Popular Designs page to see a few of our plans) for us to help you choose the right one for your budget and family needs. 

Building Site Evaluation

Builder evaluating a new home site


We will meet you at the proposed site for a free evaluation.

Some of the considerations that will be explored with you are as follows:

 How the home will be positioned on the site.

   What trees will be removed.

    The availability of utilities.

    Direction of the sun

Don’t Have Land?

new home on home site

 No problem!  Most of our homeowners didn’t have land when they came to us.  We keep in touch with land and lot owners in the area and are aware of availability of suitable building sites.